Pienter: fresh, chilled baby food

Stimulating the development of taste preferences and encouraging taste recognition with a new range of fresh, ready-made food for young children.

When it comes to developing your child’s taste preferences, you can’t start too early. The sooner they get accustomed to the different flavors, colors and textures of fresh vegetables, the more they'll like eating them. But wouldn’t it be convenient if that fresh baby food was available ready-made and chilled at your local supermarket? Pit-Foodconcepts thought so, and developed Pienter, a whole new range of fresh, ready-made food for babies.

The food’s sensory characteristics and intensity are geared to specific age groups. A good balance between convenience and freshness, with no artificial additives. Ingredients are presented separately to encourage taste recognition and the development of taste preferences. Pienter baby food is pascalized. That means the food is conserved by processing it under very high pressure instead of using heat. Because the pressure is kept very constant, the vegetables keep nearly all their nutritional value, flavor, color and texture.